Fencing for Farming and School Security

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This project is led by Jacob LaGrand, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

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Our High School is at the centre of our village along a well-traveled route. The school is surrounded by several villages. Currently, people from the surrounding communities move/trespass within the school yard as they please at any given time. They enter the yard from any entry point possible, which puts our school security in jeopardy. Due to these problems, school staff, administration and board representatives have been continually talking about the need for our school to have more controlled movement of people through designated entry and exit points. Under the provision of a fence, our own learners will also be easily controlled and guided properly for their general safety. Finally, good fencing will give the school a professional appearance and will allow our community to continue taking pride in the school.

Our school is often chosen to hold major tournaments for the entire region. These could be football games with neighboring schools, or events with the military, other governmental institutions, or NGO’s working in the community. Therefore, fencing with devils fork will not only benefit those directly involved in the school but also the many community members who attend events at the school. We hope the fulfillment of this project will allow it to continue leading and inspiring the communities we serve. Another important aspect of community involvement related to this project is the source of labor utilized to build our fence. The Prince Mohato Award Programme (PMAP) is an honor society that promotes leadership among youth in Lesotho schools. The members of our school's PMAP chapter have agreed to volunteer their time and energy to help build the fence under the supervision of a welder who is also from the community. When the school is fenced the security of the school will be tightened and this will allow the school to engage in different developmental projects without the fear of theft or vandalism. With increased agricultural production the school can even supply the neighboring villages with produce which in turn will contribute to the sustainable social development of the nearby communities. There is great potential for capacity building also among our student volunteers who will work on erecting the fence. In a way they will serve as ambassadors to the rest of the student body to clearly explain the motivation for the fencing project and our future plans for agricultural production.

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