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This project is led by Christopher Held, a Volunteer from Michigan

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English Materials and Resource development is a project that will help improve and strengthen the English Language Program in a village school. The goals are to specifically help students improve their English learning abilities and to strengthen the abilities of teachers to enable better education. Last year a smaller village school closed. As the last standing secondary school (for 5th – 11th Grades), my school now accepts all students from the surrounding area. My school wants to provide the same education that students in cities can get, this means obtaining new materials and training teachers on how to use materials to help their students, well after Peace Corps is gone. Teachers, Halyna, Svitlana, and Ludmila have already done a similar project for the 10th and 11th Grade students. In Ukraine, after the 9th Grade, students can choose to leave secondary school and go to a technical school. This means that students gradually lose interest in learning and education in general. My counterparts are hoping to expand their resources for the 7th-9th Grades so that students can have higher motivation for learning English, and if they choose to leave, can still have a higher level of knowledge.

This project is based off a similar project already completed by the community. Several years ago a project was done to get better textbooks for the 10th and 11th Forms. Having been completed, the textbooks are still in use today. The community shows their willingness to support the more expensive textbooks by purchasing the workbooks. The teachers have been the main driving force behind this project as they would like to obtain better materials for their students so that they can have a higher level of English at the end of their final year. The teachers would like better training to create a space for resource sharing and development that they can later share with other local community teachers.

The community is capable of sustaining the effects of this project. The teachers at the school, Svitlana, Ludmila, and Halyna, will continue using what they have learned as well as working with parents to help increase the English learning opportunities for their children. The new materials that are purchased will be used for the next few years, having an effect on many more students. Reaching the outcome of this project will have a positive, lasting impact on the community and students at a village school.

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