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This project is led by Jason Prigge, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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Several students are sitting on the floor working on a project.
Jason is working with his counterparts to prepare the English Language classroom for students.

Our vision for this project is a new culture of students who are highly motivated and actively learning, practicing, and applying their English language skills. Our goals are to improve students’ motivation, learning, practice, and utilization of English language skills and to improve English teachers’ confidence, teaching skills, and English skills by setting up an English language classroom. The English Language Classroom will provide a fun, safe, and effective learning space for both teachers and students in a variety of fashions. The space will be used for English class, English Club meetings, English teacher trainings, and will hold an English resource corner and promote a school-wide reading program. Students and teachers will be able to immerse themselves in the environment to strengthen their skills and capacities. The project objectives are to create a physical space that is student-and-teacher-friendly, to improve students’ basic conversational English skills, and to improve English teachers’ teaching capacity. The community contribution towards this project consists of dedicated school staff, students and teachers, the space itself, maintenance, along with several other resources outlined in the budget. The potential positive impacts this project could have are improved teaching methodologies, teachers’ English skills, students’ English skills, literacy/reading culture, access to effective English Language learning resources, and school-wide classroom models. With the resources available in the classroom the baseline English language skills of our school will be drastically increased.

Our community is firmly invested in this project. After completing a needs-assessment with students and staff it was determined that our community wants to improve English language skills. Our project committee consists of all English teachers, multiple members of administration, the Principal, English club students, and student-leaders within the school. Our principal is a former English teacher and has explicitly expressed his commitment to improving English resources The action plan is completely community-driven - the project committee will meet and discuss the plan of action, and then move towards implementation by delegating responsibilities. For example, English teachers and students will meet to design the physical layout of the classroom and then work together to physically assemble the classroom in the way chosen. Along with that, the project committee will collaborate on a schedule to ensure maintenance of the physical space (sweeping/trash pick-up) and sustainability of the project activities (English Club/lesson planning).

There are several things that the project committee will do to sustain this project. The committee will arrange the school schedule each semester so that at least 50% of all English students will attend English class in the English classroom for one semester. The committee will collectively delegate and share responsibilities every semester to maintain and develop certain areas of the classroom, as well as continue to add resources (books, learning materials, posters). The principal and the curriculum division will oversee the continuity of this project,  and the school will allocate funds annually to purchase books and resources.

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