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This project is led by Charles Zadd, a Volunteer from Virginia

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This project seeks to improve the English lessons for 240 students in a small town in South-Western Ukraine. We aim to do this by increasing the variety of lessons with a new, modern textbook and new technologies in the classroom. These materials will be complimented by the skills the English teachers will gain in practical Project Design Management, use of technology, and pedagogical training. While this project will benefit all students attending the school, it focuses mainly on the needs of the soon-to-be graduates, and aims to give them the skills they will need as they enter adulthood.

During a round-table discussion there were all of the English teachers present and we discussed the needs of the English learners at our gymnasium. During our Asset and Deficit Mapping we identified that at the national level, the English textbook for Ukrainian students is our biggest problem area.

The textbooks will belong to the school library and used in 10-11 grades within at least 5 years as it is the common term for textbooks. The sustainability of the project is guaranteed for at least five years. The technology will be the gymnasium assets installed in an English classroom. The teachers will use it for educational purposes during classes and some after class activities like English club or movie parties. The equipment will be handled carefully like any other school equipment. In case of some problems within the warranty period the indicated centers will be addressed to, later on  authorized specialists will fix the equipment. 

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