Drip Irrigation System

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Uganda
This project is led by Alexandra Rausch, a Volunteer from Maryland

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The aim of this project is to implement a drip-irrigation system for the Women's and Youth Group. The system will run on gravity to utilize the rolling slopes of the region and save on costly engines that require fuel and maintenance. We would like to purchase at least four systems for the group of about fifty farmers to share on a rotating basis. One system includes a 500-1,000L water tank, about 1,000' of drip tape, 100' of T-line hose, ten hose connectors, and a filter. The plan would be to collect water during the rainy season and utilize the system during the progressively longer dry seasons. More rain can also be collected through either lining holes with tarps or purchasing more tanks. The impact should increase overall yield, produce quality, and harvest for home consumption therefore improving overall income and nutrition. It could also earn more income for the group by potentially making their produce more competitive by availability during droughts.

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