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This project is led by Suganthi Gomathinayagam, a Volunteer from Texas

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The C.R.E.A.T.E. (Civil Rights Empowerment and Awareness through Education) Training Program is the first ever civil and human rights training focused on empowering Ukrainian youth through collaboration with the Ukrainian Police Force. The C.R.E.A.T.E. Training Program is an 8-week training program focused on educating youth from the 8th- 11th grade, through interactive sessions on civil and human rights, civic engagement, gender equality, diversity, tolerance and inclusion, and conflict resolution alongside community police officers. This training has three basic components. The first is to educate students on their basic civil rights, and laws in order to create an informed and empowered society of youth in the city. The second is to promote gender equality in the profession of law enforcement, through activities that encourage young women to approach opportunities in this career field. The last is to educate students about ally-ship and tolerance in the community. The training will be led by 5 Police Officers, 5 local NGO representatives (including volunteers and experts from the partner organization “Regional Information Centre, KREATIV”, and supported by local government officials, 2 school teachers and 3 Peace Corps Volunteers. The training program will include sessions on the following specialized topics: Civil Rights Diversity, Tolerance and Inclusion Gender Equality Civic Engagement and Anti- corruption Cyber Security and Child rights on the internet Conflict Resolution and Negotiations Project Management Team-building and Leadership.

This city has been one of the leading cities in Ukraine to tackle the issue of policy transparency. Over the past three years, Ukraine has created a series of polive reforms on the national level. However, for the first time in Ukranian history, there has been a development of transparency program involving community youth. Five police officers work with forty schools in the area to discuss the role of the police department as well as civil rights and the opportunity for community involvement. This program also encourages gender equality in law enforcement by identifying the root causes of unequal opportunities such as patriarchal attitudes and weak rule of law. For this reason, The C.R.E.A.T.E. Training Program strives to provide civil rights education that is equally accessible to both girls and boys in the community. Volunteers of the organization have backgrounds in human rights training, democratic process training, project management and design training, as well as gender and diversity training and youth work. Utilizing the current skills of the organization’s volunteers, as well as previous lesson plans implemented by the organization, these local community actors will collaborate with the local police to implement a series of trainings in these specialized areas.

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