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This project is led by Maxwell Lieblich, a Volunteer from New Jersey

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Currently, a local middle/high school that serves three villages does not have enough well-constructed classrooms to meet the needs of its students. The school has 18 forms and 828 students, along with approximately 80 teachers. In order to create a stable learning environment for all parties, more facilities are required. This project contributes to solving this problem by constructing two additional classrooms where students and teachers can come together safely to learn. The project will also work to promote gender equity at the school by using the new classrooms as the location of a gender equity training organized by female teachers and girls at the school. The community is very invested in the project and is helping to contribute in multiple ways. These include providing materials, financial contribution, and haggling to get better prices on goods necessary for the project. This project has the potential to significantly improve the quality of education students receive, as they will no longer have to worry about learning outside.

The community has taken notice of this problem and is passionate about solving it. The principal, vice-principal, parents' association, and student body president all identified classrooms as the school's most pressing need during separate meetings. Already, the vice-principal has helped to identify a contractor that has previously worked with the Peace Corps. The principal and parents' association have contacted different suppliers to find the best price for necessary materials. The students have even begun collecting the dirt and water that will be needed for the project. This project will require very little upkeep or support after its completion. Well-constructed classrooms require no maintenance outside of extreme cases. Any repairs that need to be made will be handled by the school.

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