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This project is led by Christina Licari, a Volunteer from Wisconsin

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Students gathered outside near the flag .
Christina helps expedite building two additional classrooms to host students.

Since its opening in 2007, a secondary school in small town Benin has continued to grow in size and numbers. This year, for the first time, the school is offering the terminal year, a pinnacle in the school's history. With a population of over 450 students, dominated primarily by males, the school is disadvantaged by its lack of classrooms. Classes are held late into the evening, on weekends, and in the staff room. These drawbacks affect the female student body to a greater extent. This project aims to create adequate, stable and safe learning spaces for the students and staff, with a focus on the female population. Additional classrooms with create more appropriate class hours, a stable and safe classroom for all grade levels, and will in turn promote and encourage girls to continue with their education. Along with the construction of one building with two classrooms, a workshop will be held for administration and staff addressing gender equitable practices, girls' education, and safe school application. This training will further build the capacity of the school to maintain a safe learning environment for its students and tear down barriers facing girls in their pursuit of education. The community of Donga is optimistic about the project and is ready to contribute and play its important role. They are committed to providing a few necessary materials, labor and a helping hand. Together Peace Corps and Donga will take one step forward in the fight to educate and empower girls.

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