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This project is led by Jade Matthews, a Volunteer from Arkansas

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Motivation: A computer literacy class for Mpumalanga will allow people to have computer confidence and competence which will increase the number of employed persons within the community. 

Information: According to the 2011 census, only 11.2% of roughly 8000 people in the community are employed. Action: Computer literacy for learners (12+ per class) will give community members the confidence and skills to apply for future employment, in addition to increasing their competiveness in the workforce. The class will be taught to community members by the community group volunteers. Parents meetings will be held to discuss the establishment and implementation of the computer class. It will be offered twice daily, three times per week, for a total of 17 sessions per class with graduation on the 18th meeting. It will be offered during school hours for out of school youth (ages 18-35) and then again in the afternoon for in school learners (grade 8 – 11, ages 14 – 20). It will be offered to all genders on a first come first serve basis and a waiting list will be implemented. 

Results: Computer literacy will lead to an increase in employment and university application and enrollment in the community.

The project will be coordinated and led by the Youth Empowerment Centre; a community center within Mpumalanga, and is open to members of the community.  The Peace Corps Volunteer will work with 3 counterparts within the community group to not only research and collect resources for developing the curriculum for the class, but the volunteers will also be instructing the class as well as collecting, tracking, and reporting all monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data for the curriculum.  A program for the community that is run by the community is inspiring and can open the door for other locals to pursue their dreams of giving back to the community. 

Because this class is free, once the materials and equipment are purchased, sustainability will not be much of a task.  There are plans for income generating activities in place to raise money to replenish data for wifi, paper, ink, and lamination packets, once they are finished.  One fundraiser that will be started before the class starts and continued biweekly is a movie day on Saturdays.  The community group plans to offer a movie for R3 per student and R5 per adult in the community. There will be popcorn for sale for R2 per bag as well as frozen ice for R3. It is predicted that at least 30 students and 10 adults will attend the movie showings, which raises R280 per month for attendance. If half of those people buy popcorn and the other half by frozen ice, the total profit for movie night for each month would be roughly R480. The profits obtained from these movie days will be used to replenish needed materials in the future and managed by the centre manager.

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