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This project is led by Makenzie Mastrud, a Volunteer from District of Columbia

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Over the past year our primary school has received an influx of book and computer donations, however we lack a proper space to host these resources for learners who are eager to utilize them. This project will consist of the construction of a new medium-sized school block that will be designed as a resource building for not only the learners at the school, but also other youth in the community and the village at large. This resource building will serve one part as a library facility displaying the books and providing a reading space for all learners and community members who wish to build and advance their literacy skills. This will allow the school and village to further develop a much desired reading culture. In addition, the resource building will also serve as a community computer lab, the first of its kind in the surrounding village constituencies. It will be open to learners during the school day, and other youth and residents of the village after school and on the weekends. Allowing those who are dedicated to improving their computer literacy a space to do so.

The school is the village's center-point and serves as a hub for many activities and gatherings. Residents of the village want to expand and update this important place to make it efficient for future generations. Members of the school board have met with local contractors to survey the building site and discuss labor at a reduce cost. Those discussions have also included specific ways that members of the school board and other community figures can assist with preparing the land for building (clearing, digging, delivery and storage of materials, etc.) as well as furnishing the building when it is complete.

The school staff and board members are committed to sustaining the project by continually inviting ministry officials and staff from the regional library to properly train teachers and student leaders on library practices and computer programming. These teachers and identified students will use the information provided through these training to not only build their skill sets, but also lead information and technology courses with their classes. The students who take part in the training by ministry officials will act as leaders in after school clubs to assist and train other students. The volunteer will assist in these classes and after school programs until the trained teachers feel comfortable with the processes on their own. The school is also committed to allocating a set amount of funds each year to ensure maintenance and upkeep of the building.

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