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This project is led by LaQuan Johnson, a Volunteer from Oklahoma

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The goal of this project is to provide a fitness area that is accessible to the community 24/7. The survey results show that the community, as well as the school will benefit from this project, not only by increasing physical activity among community members but also reducing the amount of alcohol and drug consumption. The village has a lack of opportunities for community members to safely engage in physical activity. To resolve this problem, we will increase the capacity of female student leaders by having the volunteer and two school teachers to train the girls how to properly use the exercise equipment and how to instruct others to do so. Six girls from the the Health Club have volunteered to become the service providers. They will announce the installation of the outdoor fitness area to inform the community. Following the announcement, a series of lessons will be held by the newly trained service providers, so they can continue to train more future trainers and continue to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. This practice is to ensure the proper usage of the exercise equipment for years to come. The community will contribute with the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment. This project will have a major impact on the community because they do not have sporting equipment that is available at all times. This gives the entire community the opportunity to improve their health whenever and as often as possible, especially women of all ages in the community.

The project is a collaborative effort between the director, staff, and the community, as well as the current health education Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV). The community has showed ambitions on improving their overall health. They have many goals for their needs and the PCV volunteer comes to help them achieve their goals. To achieve their goal the school director, staff and students expressed their concerns to focus on physical health.

The school club partners, school staff, and community members will continue to run their respective clubs and lesson after the completion of the grant project. As the youth leaders become older, they will continue to teach and train new youth leaders and prepare them to become the new trainers. The new training equipment will continue to benefit and support after-school activities and physical education for years to come with the proper maintenance from the schools’ ground keepers.

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