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This project is led by Leoma James, a Volunteer from Washington

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Our school is located in a small rural village in Ohangwena region located in the Northern part of Namibia. We were established roughly 30 years under the mission of providing quality education in totality to all out learners in order to become responsible citizens who will be able to meet future challenges. Our vision is to provide the educational service that are both fulfilling and inspiring and that will educated every individual in a holistic manner and prepare them for their futures. It is important for us to maintain these same core values while also providing quality facilitations to continue to foster our learners education.

The performance of the learners has continued to develop over the years but it has fluctuated with each class. Although our performance is also a reflection of our facilities, some of our classes are over maximum capacity and cannot fully accommodate each learner. Our main objective is to create a School Hall that can comfortably hold 800 learners and 34 teachers and staff. The school hall would be used for school events, morning meditation, cultural ceremonies, fundraisers and much more. We are currently holding each of our events under a big tree which does not fully accommodate all of the learners at our combined school.

For our learners, a school hall would mean more flexibility and educational opportunities in their overall school life. This hall would not only be beneficial to the learners but also to the many other community members and tribal leaders. A netball court would be an incredibly vital part to encouraging learner success and confidence. One of the first tasks I was given when I arrived in my community was to be the netball coach. While I have enjoyed my time working with the netball team I have seen a high level of discouragement and a lack of confidence. One of my greatest joys while teaching and being a mentor in my community is inspiring confidence and encouraging my learners to do their absolute best even when the circumstances are not always the best. Besides the many health benefits, athletics are a great way for young people to get more encouragement, work as a team, and be involved with their community outside of an academic setting, and most importantly inspire confidence within the learners.

The community members will be the main driving force of this school hall because they will be the ones organizing, fundraising and planning. The community members are really interested in contributing to this project because it would also benefit all of them in tremendous ways! Many of the woman in the village have already agreed to sell different cultural dishes at the fundraising events and donate cattle to be cooked and sold. Many of the learners at our school are from the village which is why the community members are also very committed to this work and want to contribute to the project in any way.

Each family will also be asked for monetary contributions in order to help the development of the program. Depending on how many children are attending the school from each family they will need to contribute based on that amount.

In the history of my school, we were once a school with high and excelling athletic performance. In the days when many of the elders from my community were learners at my school they all remember a time when we were at least in the top 10 schools for academics as well as athletics. There was time when were one of the best performing schools and many of the community members believe that generally speaking there is now a large lack of motivation in anything among a majority of learners. Many of them also believe that the teenage pregnancy rates among learners has also increased. My community is the driving force of this project because they believe that the learners need to be motivated outside of the classroom.

After the project is complete, the only part that the community is left with is the general maintenance of the building to ensure that the building continues to meet all of the basic functions for the school. The general fixes will be led by the maintenance community which consists of four teachers and community members interested in getting involved each year. It is a committee that often does basic school maintenance such as fixing windows, repairing school desks, painting and other minor school fixes. The school was established in the 1980’s and many of the school blocks are still in great condition.

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