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This project is led by Carlos McClaney, a Volunteer from Florida

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This project seeks to support the construction of a community clinic for a rural community in Ghana. From the four different villages in the area, there is a combined population of about 600 people. Currently, there is no clinic in the village and the community nurse for the village has been assigned to another village. The members of the community also have to travel long distances to receive any treatment for their illnesses. There is also not a place that the community members go to learn about malaria prevention, nutrition, maternal and child health, or teenage pregnancy prevention.

At the conclusion of this project, the community will have a new clinic where they will be able to get medicine, receive treatments for minor illnesses, and have a safe place for delivering babies. The community is very involved in this project and is eager to complete the building for the community clinic. The chief, assemblyman, village elders, and all community members have expressed that finishing the clinic is one of their most important needs. The community began the planning and construction of the building before the involvement of the Peace Corps Volunteer. The community will also contribute labor to help complete the building. Local artisans from the village have also designed the building for the community. The land for the clinic has also been donated by the community. The finished clinic will have two rooms where patients will be able to rest, one toilet, one bathroom, one room for receiving patients, an out patient department, one maternity ward, and one room for the patient consultation.

The community will sustain the activities of this project through the community foundation. The community foundation is a platform where funds are raised through different events and community dues. The maintenance of the clinic will be upheld through these dues. Efforts will be also be made to keep the facility as clean as possible to promote continuous total healthcare delivery in the community.

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