Strengthening the Production and Commercialization of Agricultural and Agroindustrial Products

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This project is led by Neeka Mahdavi, a Volunteer from California

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The proposed project is focused on providing skills and abilities to the members of small business enterprises in improving the productivity and quality of the production of their goods, which include dairy products and baked goods, the raising of guinea pigs and chickens, and the making of local handicrafts. This will be done through training these entrepreneurs in the 5S methodology, with the purpose of differentiating them from local and provincial competition, providing confidence to buyers, and satisfying end customers. It will also include providing skills and techniques in marketing and the insertion of their products into the local market (promoting Sunday fairs through the use of fair awnings). These groups have worked with a government social program and already have business skills and business plans. However, the work of this program ended in September; the goal is to strengthen that work and continue to support the groups, and in this way achieve sustainability, growth of their businesses, and reduce poverty in the communities involved. The communities will provide their premises for trainings and the municipality will provide support with the contribution of materials, trainings, and a space for Sunday fairs.

During the visits of the municipality together with a government social program to the entrepreneurship groups, the performance and desire to improve among the partners of each entrepreneurship group, such as a local group specializing in the weaving and marketing of pañones and three separate entrepreneurship groups, was observed and persisted. Likewise, both men and women who make up the entrepreneurial groups have basic and artisanal knowledge for the production of their products and the raising of their animals. Leading partners will be chosen from each entrepreneurship group that handle the production and marketing skills and techniques, who will be responsible for transmitting their experiences, knowledge and skills to other entrepreneurship groups in the community. The district municipality in coordination with the Peace Corps and the associations will be responsible for holding the Sunday Fairs, and a committee will be formed to establish who will be responsible for the possession and monitoring of the use of the tents.

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