Combating Climate Change Workshop

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This project is led by Anthony Chatham, a Volunteer from Louisiana

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The Combating Climate Change Workshop is being created at the urge of a local headman and executive chairman of our local clinic. In his words, "The people must be sensitized on what's to come." The objective of our workshop is "To inform local leaders of climate change and its causes, and provide means on how to best mitigate the effects of climate change and act in a proactive manner." The community will contribute by assisting in giving food for meals. Our goal is to empower the communities to plant more trees, diversify their crops, and diversify their income by providing implementable income generating activities. Our tentative agenda is as follows: 1. Opening Prayer 2. Introduction 3. Objective 4. What is Climate? What is Weather? 5. What is Climate Change? 6. Examples of Climate Change Globally and Locally 7. Causes of Climate Change 8. How Does Climate Change Affect Us? Who is Most Affected? 9. What Can We Do to Prevent the Effects of Climate Change? 10. How is Zambia Responding to Climate Change Nationally? 11. Positive/Negative Examples Preparing for Climate Change in Zambia 12. Model Farmer Testimony 13. Expert’s Testimony 14. The Importance of Trees (DFO) 15. Moving Forward: What is Your Vision for the Future and How Will You Achieve It 16. Concluding Remarks 17. Closing Prayer.

Sustainability is an important component to the workshop. The workshop plans for the participants to create a plan on how to implement the things they've learned in their communities. We're hoping the tree seeds we provide will jump start reforestation in their areas. Ideally, they will be able to continuously procure seeds from the trees which result from the given seeds. They will even learn how to procure seeds from local Musangu trees and how to properly utilize them. Since the participants are all headmen, they will easily be able to call a general village meeting, teach community members, and organize a task force to implement their plan.

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