Clinic Extension & Renovation Project

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  • Ghana
This project is led by Ma-Tenneh Sampson, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

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A clinic in a rural community in Ghana which serves as the health center for individuals who are suffering from minor illnesses to giving birth requires some extension and renovation works on it. Because there is no waiting area, incoming patients sit outside on a broken bench under the sun. The current resident midwife does not stay at the clinic due to the lack of space. This impacts the pregnant women population and puts them at risk. Normally, they would use a motorcycle to get to the next town (in case of delivery or emergency), which is between 7-10 km away. Subsequently, women give birth on a discomforting bed in a subnormal room. At the completion of the project, the community will have a new and improved health facility which will include a shade, maternal room and maternal resting room.The object of the project is to enhance the health clinic to better serve the community’s eight sections and create a place where ill patients and women who are scheduled to deliver, can have a safe place to receive health care.
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