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This project is led by Lauren Kerrigan, a Volunteer from California

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We are requesting funding to renovate the Grade 3 classroom at our small school located in a rural village in Lesotho. We hope that this renovated classroom will encourage increased enrollment and attendance at our school. Additionally, we hope this project will enable improved instruction and learning in the classroom that will yield improved academic performances from the learners. This improved classroom will provide learners with a quieter, more conducive learning environment that will enable teachers to employ more dynamic instruction--such as visual aids and hands-on activities to accommodate all learning styles. We hope that this will make learners feel more confident and participate more. The renovations that this project will implement are completely necessary and community initiated. The current Grade 3 classroom presents a health hazard to teachers and learners. This project is completely initiated by the community members who will contribute to this project by collecting materials and assisting the skilled laborers in the renovations. After the renovations are made, community members have agreed to monitor, maintain, and make future renovations to the classroom as necessary. This project will specifically address the improvement of education because it will allow for more learner-centered instruction, which will improve learners’ confidence, willingness to participate, and hopefully their overall performance. Our school hopes this new classroom will encourage increased enrollment and attendance at the school, allowing the school to continue to grow and expand.

Throughout the planning of this project, the community members will hold meetings to discuss and plan the renovations. The current Grade 3 classroom, built by the community in 1967, initially demonstrated the dire need for a school to serve the community. Now, 53 years after its initial construction, the Grade 3 classroom needs a high quality renovation. The current classroom requires constant repairs because the walls and roof are not structurally sound. When the room falls into disrepair due to wind and rain, volunteers from the community help make repairs. However, these repairs are temporary and are not sustainable. The community is committed to maintaining the classroom, but constant repairs make a lot of work for them. Therefore, the community is excited and continually committed to help plan and design the renovation of the new Grade 3 classroom.

These renovations will create a structurally sound classroom that will serve learners for years to come. Additionally, the community members have discussed and understand their role and responsibility in assisting with the renovations and continual maintenance of the classroom. The community’s support and involvement is essential to the success and sustainability of this project.

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