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This project is led by Malin Serfis, a Volunteer from Virginia

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Our school does not have enough chairs for all our students. The lack of chairs is because they have not been replaced when they have become unusable. Our classes range from 20-31 students. For our larger classes, we borrow chairs from other classrooms due to a shortage of seats. At the beginning of class, students must go to other classrooms in the school to ask to temporally borrow chairs. At the end of class, they must return the chairs to the respective classrooms. This often takes up to five minutes at the beginning of class and five minutes at the end of class, which is 25% of the class time. Not only does this delay and interfere with our lesson, but there are also disruptions for other classes. Students unintentionally create noise and distraction when they have to move chairs through the hallway. For our project, we will purchase new chairs for every classroom on the first floor of our school. We will move the older functioning chairs from the first floor to replace broken chairs on the second floor. We want every student in class to have a chair in the classroom. Through this grant, safe, comfortable chairs will maximize classroom instruction. In addition, the students will feel equal, be more focused, and improve their English language skills. The chairs from this grant will be used for future generations.

My co-teacher and I conducted an informal needs assessment. We discussed the school’s needs with the other teachers and the principal. They agreed that the school does not have enough chairs for the students on the first floor of the building. The lack of chairs is having a detrimental impact on the students' education, especially their English lessons. We surveyed how many chairs were in each classroom, their condition, and how many students used those classrooms. The school organizes parents' meetings and meetings for our school's parent-teacher association. In these meetings, the parents expressed that their children need better resources in school. However, due to the high cost of chairs the parents are unable to raise enough money to provide new chairs for the first floor of the school. The resources from this grant will improve the students' learning environment, allow teachers to use their full class-time, conduct meaningful lessons, and the chairs will be used by many generations of children in the future.

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