Center for Early Childhood Stimulation

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This project is led by Katharine Orchard, a Volunteer from California

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The goal of creating a center for early childhood stimulation is to train families with children under 3 years on the topic of early childhood stimulation. The local health post would use this center to do monthly educative and demonstrative sessions on this topic with families whose children are at risk in terms of their development. Community members and professionals in the community put a lot of care and emphasis on the topic of health, but they lack the resources to support the population related to the topic of early childhood stimulation. Community leaders know that early childhood stimulation is just as important as nutrition for children under 3 years old. Children who do adequate activities according to their age have better development. Early childhood stimulation results in children who grow up to be more capable adults, which in turn results in the development of the community. Community leaders have 2 goals in doing this project. The first goal is that children receive sessions on the topic of early childhood stimulation regularly in the center for early childhood stimulation. The first objective for this goal is that by July of 2020 the health post facilitates demonstrative sessions about early childhood stimulation for 10 families each month. The second objective is that by July of 2020, 10 children attend the center for early childhood stimulation each month. The second goal is that by October of 2020, the families in the community with children under 3 years old are educated about the importance of early childhood stimulation and practice the exercises at home. The objective for goal 2 is that by October of 2020, 30 families practice exercises of early childhood stimulation in their homes regularly. Community leaders from the health post and the municipality have lead the development of this project, and will continue to lead by purchasing the materials for the center, working to set it up, and then facilitating sessions on early childhood stimulation.

The community is the driving force of the project. From the beginning, the facilitator attended a training on designing sustainable projects, and then worked with the volunteer to come up with the idea to start a center for early childhood stimulation. They wrote the initial draft of the goals for the project together. Then, the volunteer worked with all of the health professionals in the health post to plan the project. The nurse and the volunteer met with the Mayor, who helped to secure the space and will be helping to set up the space in the future. The mayor and health professionals also met with the Community Watch group and the community in general, who are all in agreement with this project. The nurses in the health post will lead the educative and demonstrative sessions each month. After receiving funds, the community will continue using the center to do educational and demonstrative sessions with families that have children under 3 years old every month, and keeping the space available for general use. The municipality has an agreement with the health post that they will allow the health post to use the space permanently, and the municipality will be responsible to pay for the electricity as well.

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