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This project is led by Victoria Berti, a Volunteer from New York

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A group photo of local students.
Victoria and her counterparts are working to build the Ngara CDSS Library for local students.
The project the community and I are applying for is for the construction of a library on our CDSS school grounds. Project objectives include creating a library, creating a space to place already acquired and future acquired books, develop a reading culture, improve english and literature, encourage girls to stay in school and further their education instead of early marriages or pregnancies, have a safe space for female students to study, have a space for teachers and all students to read, create study circles, host visitors and/or speakers. The girls who are living at the new hostel built on school grounds will have easy access to the library encouraging them to study harder with each other or individually. Teacher librarians can have monthly recommendations for books to read either for leisure or for specific subjects allowing students to understand material better. Two or three times a year the library will hold essay, reading, drama and poetry contests as well as other learning based events including the primary school to promote a reading culture in younger generations. Mothers group and PTA meetings as well as tutoring and extra lessons during term 2 and term 3 for form 4’s will be able to be housed in the library giving these activities a more conducive environment. The library consists of close to 2,500 books but currently are not placed in an organized or legible fashion. This new library will give students and teachers more knowledge of how to not only read these books but understanding how to classify and search for them. The community will be contributing bricks, sand, land, transport and buckets of water (which is needed to mix materials).

During the month of February I unfortunately had to leave my community for medical as we began to discuss projects we can start on with the help of grant funding. When I came back i was ready to begin where we left off only to find that my community members and groups such as the GVH/Chiefs, PTA Chairs, School Board and the SMC came together to discuss the need for a construction of a library. In awe at the dedication they have put into this I was handed a budget that they communally gathered from different places in efforts to find the most affordable materials and builders. They have already established library preficts within the school to establish responsibility roles and will continue to for the years to come. The community will be contributing bricks, sand, land, transport and buckets of water (which is needed to mix materials).

Even before I mentioned sustainability my project managers and community discussed about how this library will stay functioning even after I left. They discussed with me about having the librarian a locally hired one who has and will continue to, attend classes on managing a library and how to be a better librarian. Aside from the librarian, we have teacher librarians and library predicts who will manage the library and take on responsibilities in a shared effort to maintain the new building and establish leadership roles for themselves. When the school day is over and even when the night comes, our security guard will take control of managing the security and safety of the building throughout the night. We also have discussed having the SDF (school development fund) and school maintenance programs take responsibility and leadership roles on having the library fictional and clean through the years. Aside from those who are involved physically, there are already rules set in place such as a sign in/out book, record of how long book is kept, payment expectancy if book is lost or damaged and days where students clean the school grounds and the library to prevent bugs or dust to gather.

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