Career Development Training for Georgian Female Youth

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This project is led by Felicia Kennedy, a Volunteer from Georgia

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After conducting a Careers Summer Camp, speaking with the professionals that participated in the summer camp and surveying some of the female students at the public school in the village where the camp was conducted, the Career Development Training for Georgian Female Youth program will be developed and implemented. The career development training program will focus on girls ages 14-20. Also resources will be acquired to support the needs of the training program and to increase the computing skills and English learning capacity for all the students at the school and the teachers for years to come. There will be two six hour training sessions held starting in March 2020. Each of the six hour training sessions will include career interest assessments, university/college preparations, and career goal setting, resume development, interview preparation and conclude with a job shadow experience and a final report. The Career Development Training for Georgian Female Youth program will have the following goals/objectives: 1) to increase the knowledge of young female Georgian about non-traditional female career paths in Georgia; 2) to increase the leadership knowledge of young Georgian females between the age of 14-20. In order to conduct the training, we will need desk top computers (3), projector (1), laptop (1), printers (2) and screen.

The training program will be jointly developed by the English teachers, Director and Peace Corps Volunteer and will be open to only female participates in the community where the school is located and surrounding communities. The training materials will be developed in both English and Georgian and the training session will be videotaped and loaded on the much needed computers so the training can be reused. The initial facilitation of the training will be jointly done by the current English teachers, school director and the PCV. The school will remodel one room and add new desks and chairs where the training sessions will be conducted and reorganize an existing computer room where parts of the training will be conducted as well. The director has hired a full time IT Coordinator and she will help to load software on the computers. The English teachers will conduct lessons using the English learning software that will be acquired. The director and other teachers and school staff members will help secure the locations for the job shadow opportunities. The English teachers will invite young women who have graduated and are not able to attend college or university to attend the two six hour training sessions. The Director agreed to use the school's budget to pay for the floor in the resource/training room to be refurbished, to purchase a bookcase, computer tables/chairs, teacher desk/chairs, curtain rods, hook, paint and the supplies that are need to paint the room where the computers will be located. We will receive in-kind gifts of a heater, white board and student desks and chairs from the Education Center.

The director is planning to maintain the relationship with the job shadow participants by inviting them to the school for special events and continuing to engage them to provide job shadow opportunities for other students on an on going basis. The computers will be in a locked room and the IT Specialist will manage the room but students will have access to the computers and the software that will be loaded on the computers to improve their English speaking, learning, writing abilities; anti-virus software will be uploaded on the computers to prevent infection and damages; the IT Specialist and School director will have keys to the room. The new resources and storage areas in the English Cabinet will provide the English teachers the space and resources they need to make more involved lesson plans and help them to conduct lessons using technologies. The possibilities for growth and improvement are limitless. The girls who participated in the program are expected to encourage other students to either view the videos of their sessions and or request that future sessions be conducted.

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