Campaign to Empower Diversity and Tolerance of Women, Girls and Other Vulnerable Youth

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This project is led by Karla Yates, a Volunteer from Oregon

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There are many youth and members of the community that do not understand gender equality, gender diversity, sexual orientation, or race equality. This lack of knowledge and intolerance causes harmful discrimination. Those that are discriminated against are fearful for their physical, mental, and emotional safety. The youth in our community are interested in change stereotypes and empowering those invulnerable communities by educating youth, their counselors and their community. Our project will begin by working with community leaders to educate those who work with youth of the issues Moldova faces in the realm of equality and how to combat them. After this initial training, youth workers will return to their community centers or library and create activities for their youth. The training will educate and activate youth to become leaders in their community, empowering them to not develop themselves but develop others as well. Finally youth will have an opportunity to put their new empowerment visibility into the community by working together to make a mural in the city center that promotes kindness and tolerance.

Within the team of volunteers from the Association "Youth for the Right to Life" and the Youth Friendly Health Center "ATIS" there are four gay youth. These young people are very active and motivated. The idea of ​​the project was proposed by them during a meeting of volunteer activities. From this the project developed into addressing multiple discriminatory issues that we face in the community including, gender inequality and minority discrimination. We hoped that by including multiple areas of discrimination that more community members will see the value in this project. Youth leaders and youth themselves have expressed interest in the project, and we have selected four different youth organizations to host seminars. The human resources trained in tolerance within the community will be able to continue the activities after the Project is completed. The materials elaborated and distributed within the trainings will be used for the continuous training of young people in our community. Youth organizations who participate in the project will be empowered to be a safe space and promote themselves as an area of tolerance. Collaborative relationships between the organizations involved will continue after the implementation of this project and may materialize in a new project.

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