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This project is led by Maritza De La Pena, a Volunteer from Texas

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A group of campers sitting on the grass.
Maritza facilitates the Camp WILD 2018.
Camp WILD (Writing, Innovation, Leadership, and Diversity) is a week-long writing camp located in Western Ukraine. This camp will provide young female writers with the opportunity to discuss and address important issues in Ukraine, such as: gender equality, diversity acceptance, environmentalism, ethics, self-advocacy in the workplace, and women’s empowerment. 

During the camp, 8 Peace Corps volunteers and 9 Ukrainian counselors will facilitate a series of courses, workshops, and activities for 48 campers. 85% of these participants will be young women between the ages of 12 and 17. The Camp WILD curriculum will focus on helping participants develop their critical thinking skills, understanding of gender equality, and self-confidence through classes on leadership, diversity, presentation skills, job applications, creative writing, blogging, photography, journalism, and analysis of gender stereotypes and the portrayal of women in literature. By the end of the camp, participants will use their new technical and creative skills to produce written, photographic, and mixed-media projects centering on social, environmental, or personal issues of their own choosing.

In addition to providing young women with applicable skills and opportunities for self-development, the camp will also offer a safe place for a diverse group of students from all over Ukraine to collaborate and forge strong friendships. They will develop a camp community where they can share their creative work and continue to collectively tackle issues faced by young women in Ukraine.

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