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This project is led by Holly, D., a Volunteer from Texas

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Camp Respect will be a three day, two night camp in Manchester in Jamaica. This camp will teach 30-40 young Jamaicans from the ages of 14-18 years of age skills such as independence, leadership, civic responsibility, and gender equality. By participating in activities such as mapping, leadership training, team building, sports and more, we will promote respect, leadership, healthy living, and collaboration in the young men. By positively influencing these young men through engaging activities and speakers, our goal is to send them home with a better understanding of what it means to be a respectful young man, as well as sending the counselors (both PCVs and Host Country Nationals) back with the proper tools to replicate the camp in their own communities.

We will be partnering with Young Men of Purpose (YMoP) for Camp Respect this year. YMoP is a wonderful local organization that matches professional men with high school aged boys in a free mentorship program. We believe this partnership is a critical component in adding follow-up with campers and in increasing this camps sustainability through a committed local partner.

We are diligently working with Jamaican counterparts, to train them as counselors, so that camps such as this one can be developed across the island. Additionally, the skills the counselors learn here can be implemented in ways other than running camps. School and church groups that foster leadership, civic responsibility, and gender discussions in boys (and girls) will benefit from the skills our counselors gain. We will also be working closely with the campsite, Moorlands Camp, to ensure that our mission is in line with theirs. They look forward to collaborating with us and continuing to promote a healthy, dynamic future for Jamaica by investing in their youth.

Camp Respect wishes to instill independence, leadership, civic responsibility, and a deeper understanding of gender, not only in the boys who attend, but all across Jamaica. Boys clubs will be established, promoting these values in Jamaica's communities and within Jamaica's schools. We will also train Jamaican counselors who will attend training sessions before Camp Respect takes place, in order to continue the ideas of the camp after it ends. In addition to the training we will also develop a Camp Respect Manual that will be distributed to the camp counselors, community liaisons, PCVs, and facilitators so they can easily replicate the camp in their communities with the help of near by PCVs. We hope that these skills and tools will enable Jamaicans to establish summer camps similar to Camp Respect, so that once volunteers have left, the ideas remain rooted in our communities and in Jamaica at large. To do this we will equip the campers with a one pager to take home to give them guidance on how to help establish a club in their areas. After the camp has finished, informal interviews will take place with families and community members in communities where campers are located to check in to see how the campers have changed and how their knowledge has translated into positive behavior changes. Finally, we will share our final results of and other helpful information with counselors and local partners.

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