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This project is led by Mattea Pezza, a Volunteer from Missouri

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Last year, this site conducted a mini Camp Olympus, a healthy lifestyles and sports camp, with 60 students from the community, without outside funding. Feeling that the camp was a success, and that it had the potential to expand on its themes and scope, the school decided to host the camp for a second time, covering topics such as gender equality and leadership through sports, and inviting campers and counselors from around Ukraine. Camp Olympus will focus on giving young girls an opportunity to fully participate and learn through sports, a typically male-dominated pastime. The community will provide the venue, lodging, and valuable human resources to the project. During the camp, participants will make a plan for future “equality through sports” camps in their own communities. Potential outcomes include raised awareness in Ukrainian youth of gender stereotypes and an increased ability to fight them, the increased capacity to live a healthy lifestyle, developed leadership skills in youth, especially females, the creation of a network interested in camps and teaching through sports, and an opening of opportunities for Ukrainian youth and adults to learn new educational practices that they can use in their own communities. This project will develop the school by bringing in resources and participants from around Ukraine and leaving them with a model for future camps. Through equality in sports and educational sessions, this camp will develop confidence and leadership skills in young girls.

In support of this camp, members of the local school are part of the project planning team, and thus contributing their time to this grant. A teacher at the school is the counterpart for the grant, a counselor and a co-director of the camp. An on-call medical professional from the school will be working voluntarily throughout the camp. The school will also be providing facilities not only for each sport, but also for housing and dining for the participants and counselors. They are providing lodging and dining for a considerably discounted price. All sports equipment that is already at the school will be made available for use during the camp. This generous provision of human resources, locations, and equipment shows the full dedication of the school to hosting Camp Olympus in 2020.

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