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This project is led by Victoria Cornetta, a Volunteer from Virginia

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Camp GLOW/BILD (Girls Leading Our World/Boys in Leadership Development) aims to empower local youth through a mix of side-by-side and co-educational sessions that address the way gender impacts individual and community outcomes in the region and the rest of the world. Over the course of 6 days, the camp progresses through a series of 27 separate trust and capacity-building sessions that start with topics such as How to Be a Strong Facilitator, Public Speaking, and Team-Building to eventually reach intimate and more “tabu” issues including Reproductive Health, Family Planning, and Healthy Relationships. Each session is co-led by a counterpart and their Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV). The local community and visiting participants contribute to camp through donations of food, labor, and facilities. By the end of camp, each youth participant will have led at least one session and be equipped with the experience and materials to lead their own camp upon return to their communities scattered on islands throughout Vanuatu. Thus, while the camp directly works with about fifteen youth counterparts and about fifteen local youth, the impact of its messages will reach a much broader group. By working with both young men and young women, the camp recognizes the collaborative support necessary from both genders to achieve gender parity for girls and boys in school, as well as women and men in Vanuatu (and a global) society.

When seeking a location to host camp, we have looked for a volunteer who previously attended with a youth counterpart who is excited to ask their community to host the camp. This community will contribute access to their school buildings, food, and lodging for the camp participants. In exchange, community members will be welcome to sign up to join the session and activities of the camp. With regards to the national community that will be reached by Camp GLOW/BILD, each trained participant of the Training of Trainers will return to his or her village with expanded skill sets and capabilities, as well as the understanding that any individual training they run will not be further financed by the Gender and Development committee. The Youth participant will work with the School committee and Youth committee in their villages to carry out their own camp and bring this knowledge home to share with the communities. While each participant will be provided with stationary materials used in Camp GLOW/BILD, these materials are not essential components of the camp; different, locally-sourced materials can be acquired or made with community support, and the Training of Trainers will actively model and encourage this among participants. Participants will each receive an activity manual and will be trained to run youth-initiated leadership sessions and camps that can be easily implemented without the aid of experts, additional materials, or a set structure. This is to encourage participants to lead more camps without discriminating against resource-poor areas of the country, and including the School committee and the Youth committee is a way to help sustain the program and spread the knowledge to people in the community.

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