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This project is led by Sarah Fonticiella, a Volunteer from Florida

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Camp GLOW (Girl’s Leading Our World) is a four day English language and leadership training camp for young women, aged 10-14. The camp will be held in Manguzi. A local school will be bringing 30 primary school girls between the ages of 11 to 15, two high schoolers between the ages of 17-19. The camp’s goal is to increase health knowledge and self-esteem of young women allowing them to make informed and responsible decisions regarding relationships. Following the success of Camp GLOW across South Africa, the purpose of this grant is to continue Camp GLOW’s tradition of excellence by implementing the first ever Camp GLOW Manguzi 2019. Camp GLOW Manguzi 2019 intends to teach young women to be proactive and take an assertive control over their lives and futures through sessions on self-esteem, goal setting, leadership, team building, healthy living, reproductive health, to name a few. Prior to attending Camp GLOW, learners will attend two monthly club sessions after school. The after school club will follow the Zazi curriculum in order to develop a foundation of knowledge before attending sessions at Camp GLOW, as well as to continue conversations amongst camp participants and other learners when the camp is over.

Despite efforts to prevent HIV/AIDS and domestic violence, South Africa still is home to 21% of all people living with HIV/AIDS and 1 in 5 women reported themselves victims of domestic violence. In order to reduce these rates, young women must be encouraged to take ownership of their health and develop the leadership skills necessary to encourage the healthy behaviors of women and men throughout communities. This can best be done by developing leadership skills such as public-speaking, group and interpersonal communication, and goals setting; while also providing youth information on myths about women’s health, healthy relationships, how to develop positive self-esteem, and the spread of sexual diseases and infections. While young women increasingly outperform young men in the classroom and have increased access to healthcare, many are still hesitant to take leadership roles or look after their health due to South Africa’s predominantly patriarchal society.

While the Peace Corps Volunteers will be facilitating some sessions, Camp GLOW’s design and implementation is largely being conducted by various members inthe partnering communities. To ensure that the camp will remain free for all accepted learners, the accommodation are provided at a 40% discount. Additionally, they are including a free guided excursion to the lakes where campers will participate in fun, team-building activities and learn about the community’s surrounding ecosystem.

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