Business and Entrepreneurship Training for Youth

  • Armenia
This project is led by Karissa Kresge, a Volunteer from Tennessee

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Youth are the leaders and change makers of today. When youth are held back by a lack of opportunities for growth and skill building, it is a detriment to local, national, and global development. As of March 2017, youth unemployment in Armenia was at just over 35%, according to the World Bank. And while Armenia has a highly educated work force, the knowledge and skills acquired by youth in higher education often do not align with the job market openings, as only 13.5% of youth have jobs in their chosen specialization (“Independence Generation: Youth Study 2016 – Armenia,” Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung). The Business and Entrepreneurship Training for Youth project is a collaboration between Peace Corps, local NGOs, and successful entrepreneurs to address the issue of youth unemployment by teaching youth the skills to create their own employment opportunities by solving customer problems and community needs with innovative ideas. The project will be conducted as a 4-week summer school in southern Armenia for 25 local youth aged 14-18. We are collaborating with another Armenian NGO for the use of an international youth entrepreneurship curriculum. Additionally, we are involving guest lectures with a variety of backgrounds related to business, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise. The objectives are to expose participants to a variety of business ideas at different stages of development in order to encourage creative thinking and provide civic-to-business sector connections, all while equipping youth with the appropriate knowledge and skills to develop their own start-ups or social enterprises.

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