Building a Stronger Community Through Business Development

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This project is led by Kat Yang, a Volunteer from Georgia

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The local business owners in the community will have the opportunity to participate in a six-day training to grow their enterprise and become more socially responsible for the development of the community. The workshop will contain information on new marketing strategies, creative business strategies, effective financing, customer service, and the importance of corporate social responsibility. There will be a total of six pieces of training conducted over three weekends. The first two days of training will focus on business strategies and creation of participant’s business strategies. The third and fourth days will center around business social responsibility and marketing. The third weekend will be on PR, customer service, management, and financial management. The participants will learn these new skills to build capacity in their business or organization and therefore benefit the lives of citizens in the community. The community will be providing the training facility, equipment, advertisements, and training material printouts. The expected impact the project will have is local businesses will start developing more efficient and effective business models that will benefit their lives and the lives of the local citizens. Another impact of the project is increasing corporate social responsibility. We hope that the participant's businesses will start incorporating social responsibility into their business strategies and assist NGOs with different projects to enhance the quality of life of those living in the area.
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