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This project is led by Meghan Macaulay, a Volunteer from California

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Students at an outside assembly.
Meghan and her counterparts help to build a library and a resource center for students.
The objective of this library is to create a school environment which promotes reading culture and improved literacy both in and out of the classroom, and addresses the lack of resources and emphasis on education in an underdeveloped and resource-poor community. This community contains motivated learners who wish to continue learning outside of the classroom. These students will read anything they can find, however they do not have adequate access to proper reading materials.

The principal is the driving force behind this project. He has mobilized community involvement and organized the community contribution for this project. He is passionate about education and bettering his school and believes that this library is a great way to do just that. The school is contributing the land to build on and some building materials. The PTA is also involved so that they can buy furniture and books to stock the library. 

Included in the library will be a section with books the students can read for fun, as well as a resource center where students who cannot afford textbooks can go to do their homework or study. Along with these resources will be a workshop for the teachers on how to use the library’s resources to integrate literacy into content-based instruction. 

These students deserve a place where they can explore their interests and grow academically and as individuals. This project was inspired by the students, spearheaded by the principal, and will be completed with the help of the entire school community.

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