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This project is led by Shannon Carter, a Volunteer from Michigan

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Students working together in class.
Shannon works with her counterparts to facilitate the Build Gender Equality Together Project 2018.

This project represents an effort to set off the first step towards education about gender equality in our city school #3 not only for students but also for their parents and community members. The overall design of the endeavor consists of several stages that cover the necessities of gender equality education for males and females. First, through multiple sessions the participants will be taught crucial skills not only for the development of their interpersonal skills but also their personal development by means of getting knowledge about gender roles, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence etc.. Secondly, sport will be used as a practical implementation of gender equality teachings through team building exercises and trainings from professional coaches within the Cherkaska Oblast. Finally, the psychologist’s work with parents will lay out the fundamentals of how to empower their children to be advocates of gender equality in their community: be it a classroom, circle of friends or a club they are attending. Not only is the school’s involvement crucial for facilitating the round table discussion of the gender equality stereotypes among students, teachers and parents, but the school is also dedicating 4-6 weeks to the execution of this project along with year round support by providing various resources for the most effective outcome.

The community and school #3 has never had a large scale project with the prime focus on gender equality. Bringing an awareness of this issues creates a talking point for the community where more progressive change can be built off of.  Boys and girls will work together during the sports and psychologist trainings and share the information with their families. Parents are invited in attend to watch their children practice in the sport and future discussions around the idea of equal opportunities will be scheduled throughout the school year following the camp. By holding  a round table open discussion with the community psychologists, our goal for long term sustainability is to open the door of discussion on traditional taboo subjects in regards to gender stereotypes. To “normalize” the topics over time. 

The local school #3 Social Worker, will establish monthly meetings where parents will be invited into the school to discuss the progress of the schools changes and create an open platform where parents to ask questions to their students learning. Discussions around gender equality and future camps will be mentioned here.

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