Bridging the Gender Gap Through Technology

  • Let Girls Learn
  • Moldova
This project is led by Maali Ahmed, a Volunteer from Arizona

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Students standing up trying to get a glimpse of the class computer.
Maali works with counterparts to provide a technology class with reliable computers.
This project aims to provide access to and training on technology to 334 girls and 358 boys. We would like to motivate young girls and boys to extend their knowledge and expand their opportunities for professional development, to contribute to closing the gender divide that is a pressing concern in Moldova. Currently, students are required to take an information technology class that is merely theoretical. They learn outdated information from old textbooks that don’t contain diverse views. This makes it hard, especially for women, to enter the work force after high school because of the limited resources. There are a few components to this grant. First, new technology will aid with efficiency in classes and introduce these 334 girls to new concepts that will help with the development of ideas and more gender equitable practices. Second, There are a few after school clubs led by strong young women that will incorporate tech with teaching about various work fields such as IT, education, art, and health to educate their fellow peers and encourage those who are unsure about what career choice to pursue. After school programs such as these will help increase girls’ educational achievement, support girl’s self-efficiency, and enhance the community. Third, our 33 female teachers will be able to incorporate technology with lessons and create more interactive classes and teach girls how to research. Also, the school will hold a career day where upperclassmen will research opportunities to pursue after graduation to encourage and propel them towards a career.
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