Botha Bothe Water Project

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Lesotho
This project is led by Gaothajying Her, a Volunteer from Virginia

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Botha Bothe is a region situated in the northern part of Lesotho. It consists of more than 270 people, with over 100 children who are mostly in the care of their grandmothers. One of the biggest problems that villagers face is the lack of water. Water is truly the source of life, and the inconsistency of clean water has caused many issues such as dehydration, diarrhea, and lack of basic hygiene. A water system was established in the early 1990s, but since then many of the pipes have experienced damages. There are many places where the pipes were originally 3-4 feet underground, but because of soil erosion, the pipes have completely surfaced and has been damaged from animals. Also, due to the growing population of the village, the established taps have not been enough to sustain the whole village. The whole village is determine to provide physical labor to ensure water availability, but is seeking assistance in purchasing materials. During this project, we are seeking to increase the knowledge of hygiene, fix all damaged areas as well as reinforce areas that have been effected by soil erosion to prevent damages like this in the future.

A water committee of two women and two men who have knowledge on the original water plan through the village has been established. The team has gone to the ministry of rural water supply to receive help in terms of getting an estimate on the costs to repair the damages. The ministry was able to help provide assistant to one part of the village, but now they are looking to expand the fixtures so that everyone can have access to a working tap. The committee also organizing a schedule to ensure the equal participation of everyone in the community. This committee has also talked about holding sessions on the basic maintenance of the taps along with sessions on hygiene. At the community meetings, the villagers showed an overwhelming response to the efforts of helping this project be successful because of the huge need.

The establishment of the water committee will always give the community a group to go and ask for help. The knowledge that will be passed on from working on the maintenance of the project will equip the community with the skills to maintain the pipes. The knowledge of water filtration and hygiene will also be shared so the practice of such knowledge will help the community's health improve. The water committee will also be responsible for writing a guideline for basic water tap maintenance and procedures. For each tap, the community is broken up into groups to maintain the area for it to be functional. The chief is also taking record as to who has paid for basic water fees that has already been established previously.

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