Borehole Water Supply

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  • The Gambia
This project is led by Elizabeth Adamescu, a Volunteer from Ohio

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This water project will increase community member's access to water by improving the security of water. This is a sustainable project that will increase water capacity by drilling a new borehole, installing six solar panels, and improving the connection to the already existing storage tank. The village has an existing solar pump and tank that can serve only 60% of the current 4,000 villagers for domestic use, i.e. drinking water, bathing, and laundry. The capacity is not enough to serve the whole community and 30% of the population relies on traveling to neighboring villages in Senegal. In addition, when the sun is not out, the village goes days with little to no water and relies on uncovered oil bins that they fill when there is water from the pumps and/or use uncovered wells. During hot season, there is an issue with enough water and this will increase when rainy season hits.

After completing this project it will increase the water capacity creating enough water for the 4,000 person village, reduce the amount of time spent looking for water, reduce the amount of waterborne illness, decrease mosquito breeding grounds, and reduce the amount of female school absences due to fetching water from outside sources. Overall this project will be a huge improvement to the livelihood of my villagers, especially females and their education. The project also includes educating the villagers on efficent usage of water, proper maintenance of the sytem, and hygiene meausures to prevent stagnant water holes to reduce the present of mosquitos.

This project was created based on the needs of local villagers from the results obtained by the Community Need Assessment (CNA) conducted by the PCV and their counterpart. The number one issue that emerged from the CNA in the village is having enough water to do daily household activities. A sample survey of 40 out of 105 compounds unanimously answered that accessing quality water for domestic use is the most difficult challenge in the community and it is the top priority. Following the completion of the CNA there were many community meetings and individual interviews done to gain information on the issue and come up with the best local driven solution plan to create a sustainable change in water availability. Increasing the capacity to the already existing solar pump was the simplest and most cost effective way to do so. The community has raised 15,000 dalasis for this water project and they will have a continued payment plan in case of repairs and maintenance issues that may arise.

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