Mechanized Borehole and Water Distribution

  • Education
  • Community Growth
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Ghana
This project is led by Carissa Peterson, a Volunteer from Colorado

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This project will give 500 community members access to water that is safe and reliable year-round through the mechanization of an already existing borehole. The water will then be distributed to five strategically placed vantage points within the community. During the implementation of this project community members will gain increased knowledge of water and sanitation, and the role that it plays in keeping them healthy. The community has already come together to fund and construct a new borehole that will be utilized in this project. The newly constructed borehole will provide reliable water year- round that meets acceptable standards for drinking. In addition, the community will also contribute project related labor, and some of the local and purchased materials required for the completion of this project. This project will impact the community by providing safe and reliable water security during both the rainy and dry seasons. It will also decrease the amount of time that members of the community; especially women and school aged children spend on fetching water, thus allowing them to focus their attention on their studies, income generating activities, and other developmental needs in the community.

The community is the driving force behind this project. It is evident that accessible and reliable water is a priority for the community because they have come together and raised the funds that were needed to dig a new borehole for this project. The community has also committed to providing both in-kind contributions of labor and local materials, and cash that is required for the completion of this project. In total, the community will be contributing 38.66% of the required labor, materials, and money that is required for the completion of this project. Whenever there is a community labor day that is scheduled, members of the community show up and work together on the project at hand. During the needs assessment that was conducted using the PACA format, it was found that a large majority of the community members believe that one of the biggest strengths of the community is their ability to come together and participate actively in community events including communal labor. The WATSAN committee along with other community leaders have been leading the planning and design of this project. This group of people have been excellent about communicating the status of the intended project and consulting with the community as a whole. The community has already consulted the women and those who are doing the majority of the water fetching to help determine the locations of the strategically placed vantage points. The community will continue to be consulted and involved throughout the implementation of this project.

In order to ensure that this project remain sustainable some proactive measures will be put in place. The WATSAN committee and community leaders have determined that a levy will be put in place in order to provide financial resources in place in case of maintenance and repairs become necessary. The WATSAN committee will be in charge of tracking that members of the community are paying the required levy. The community will also send two members of the community to be properly trained in maintenance and repair of the mechanized borehole. The community also plans on connecting the mechanized borehole to solar panels in future in order to avoid the over-reliance on the erratic electricity supply and eliminating an electricity bill payment every month.

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