Blue Water Guardians

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This project is led by Bolat White, a Volunteer from Massachusetts

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The Blue Water Guardians Project aims to equip residents in rural communities with critical education in health, English language, environmental conservation, and girls' empowerment. Collaboration between the regional Education Department, the district municipality, and Peace Corps Volunteers, has provided the necessary resources, ideas, and enthusiasm to make this project possible. A team of volunteers, counterparts, and one Education Department official, will travel to the district municipality for a one week seminar in the middle of April. District's secondary school will ensure that 30-40 high school students, teachers, and community members will be present and aware of our seminar’s activities. The activities will be co-taught by Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts, who are chosen for their specific expertise in the areas that will be taught.

Girls’ empowerment will be emphasized through activities that address equality, self-confidence, and support. These lessons will be taught by strong female role-models and male allies, with the ultimate goal of preparing interested educators from the local district to create and facilitate a girl’s club. Educators in the community who will take on this girl’s club initiative will be identified during our seminar and selected from interested health, physical education and dormitory teachers. The health component of our seminar will focus on key elements from the Mongolian National Health curriculum (i.e. Nutrition, Fitness, Smoking and Alcohol, First Aid, and with specialized focuses and Reproductive Health as determined by prior needs assessments). The English component will focus on speaking proficiency and teaching methodology. Environmental conservation will be approached through environmental education activities and skills in project design and implementation. We hope to instill confidence, knowledge and structure so that members of the local community will have the capacity to build off of our seminar. The future of this project lies in before and after assessments of our work in the community, a sustainable partnership with the local Education Department, and continued outreach to rural districts in the region.

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