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This project is led by Elizabeth Olguin, a Volunteer from Minnesota

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The objective of this project is to develop the leadership skills of the youth in the local community through seminars on leadership, public speaking, and ecology, and in particular, the development of these skills in young women. After leading a cleanup of the central park, creating a "leisure area" for youth within the park and the library, completing six trainings on leadership, public speaking, and ecology, the youth will be equipped with important skills for their future. Girls within the club will take on the majority of leadership positions and feel empowered to use their newfound leadership skills in lyceum and beyond, teaching them that they can do anything they put their minds to. The participants will also develop a plan to continue and expand the club in the next year. As more girls take on leadership positions, more girls will feel comfortable joining the club and improving their own skills. This club will help end the perception that leadership is a skill to be developed only in boys.

Through my conversations with community members and two conducted surveys, ecology and space for youth are some of the main concerns to the local students. The students have expressed the lack of opportunities and areas for youth to congregate. In the same survey, fourteen students expressed a desire for a recreation place for youth within the community. Creating a place for older youth to congregate in the library and park will provide a space that is not solely geared towarads parents with young children and younger school students.

The community has expressed their interest in ecology related projects and there is significant buy-in from the local government, in particular our Department of Youth and Recreation.The Youth Council has already done small scale cleanup projects themselves, and through my surveys at the lyceum in town, youth are eager to work on ecological issues in the area. The Youth Council has also participated in skills building seminars, but lacks a space to hold them consistently. Creating a space for them would give them the ability to hold additional seminars without the volunteer or librarians, on topics relevant to the youth.

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