Improving Hygiene by Constructing a Bathing Area & RUMPS Training

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This project is led by Jennifer Suen, a Volunteer from California

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The following suggested project includes constructing a sustainable and lasting bathing area for the girl pupils that board at the local Primary School. It will also include a designated stall with a door so that the girls can clean their RUMPS in privacy and comfort. The girl’s current bathing situation is not only less than ideal, but it is unsafe. They bathe outside at night after it has gotten dark, and this makes them very vulnerable. Our school is in town and without a fence, so people often walk by, even at night. The head master and senior woman believe that this project is vital for the well being of the girls. Backing the project, they will contribute the land for building as well as some labor and water. This project will allow the girls to bathe during the day when they have extra time, keep them safer, and allow them to feel confident in taking care of their menstrual needs.

During term 2, my Counterpart, the senior woman teacher and I worked together on a D.R.E.A.M.S. group to empower and educate 11 girls about varying topics including self-confidence, menstrual health, friend groups, HIV, and sexual health. During the training, the P5-7 girls in boarding school were able to identify their challenges they face as boarders. Upon identifying this proposed project, the idea was shared among the head teacher, School Management Committee (SMC), and other teachers. They emphatically supported the decision and gave us a lot of ideas. We have met 2 times as a group, and they worked to get an engineer for the project and to outline a probable timeline. The group is paramount to the success of this project, and are ready to participate at every step of the way when we move on with construction. The head teacher and deputy head teacher will help arrange each of the meetings we have with teachers and community members, they will also help keep the engineer and workers on a time schedule during implementation.

The senior woman, though, will work more closely with the girls that will be directly benefiting from the bathing area. The senior woman and one of my other counterparts will help me lead a RUMPS workshop in January 2020 for girls who have not learned how to make them in past RUMPS workshops at my school. In addition, she will be in charge of giving an orientation to the bathing area upon the opening. She will discuss the importance of daily personal hygiene and menstrual hygiene as well as the hygiene of the bathing area. Lastly, two prefects will be elected that will be in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the bathing area, keeping it locked when not in use, and reporting to the senior woman about issues that arise. Before the new bathing area is completed, the senior woman and I will work to educate the girls about sanitation and hygiene in order to improve their personal health. The senior Woman teacher will continue training the girls P5-7 how to make and clean RUMPS through. A team will be selected and a prefect and groups of pupils put in charge of cleaning the area and keeping it locked. This will help the girls learn how to properly keep responsibility of not only their personal hygiene but the hygiene of others by keeping the shared facility clean and safe.

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