Aqueduct System

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This project is led by Hanna Brosky, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

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The community is in critical need of reliable access to clean water. The community and Volunteer have been working together to design a gravity-fed aqueduct system that can support 160 community members. Before the Volunteer arrived, the community organized a water committee that is responsible for preparing for the construction of the project and managing the proposed aqueduct. Alongside the Volunteer, the community spent 3 months surveying the layout of the system and determining the best location for pipe placement. The community and Volunteer worked together to collect flow-rate data, community census data, and water-usage data. The initial design activities strengthened the organizational skills of the water committee and improved relationships between the community and local government organizations. The community is constructing a road to the water source to assist in the transportation of materials as well as digging trenches to prepare for the main pipelines. By January of 2020, the community and Volunteer plan to begin construction by creating a protected spring catchment box at the water source. Following the source, the community will begin a 5,052-gallon water storage tank which will be connected to a transmission line with an in-line chlorinator, and a distribution line.

Thus far the Volunteer has focused activities on hand-washing education, community-led sanitation, and organizational improvement. With the conclusion of the project, the community will have committed time and effort to ensure their right to clean water. The community will be positively impacted by healthier lifestyles, improved hygiene practices, and project management skills. The community initially solicited the Volunteer in order to work together towards constructing an aqueduct system. The first months of the Volunteer’s service were spent on data collection all through the motivation of the community within organized work days, organized records, and systematic goals. The community is consistently present and on time for work days and has also actively worked to build trust with the Volunteer living within the community through forming important relationships. The Volunteer will be conducting a series of water committee seminars for the community that will prepare members for the required maintenance of the system. Members will also learn more about necessary role’s required within the water committee in order to preserve a sustainable water aqueduct. The community is continuously working on self funding projects in order to reserve an emergency fund for maintenance requirements, possible agency fees, and future security.

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