Aileu Camp GLOW - Empowering young women with experience

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This project is led by Sabin Kim, a Volunteer from California

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PCVs in Timor-Leste’s Aileu District are working closely with local and national counterparts to host the inaugural Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). The three-day camp will invite 30 young women between the ages of 13-17 to engage in conversations and skill building activities focused on gender equality, health, future planning and creative thinking. Four main goals drive this project: first, increase the understanding of gender in issues of access and giving equal support to girls and women, measured by objectives related to meeting local female role models, learning about gender in local government, trying male-dominated sports, and watching films with independent female characters. Second, acquire new health knowledge and skills, measured by objectives concerned with the introduction of unique exercises, discussions about menstruation and sex, and self-reflection about sexual pressures, respectful relationship and being an active bystander. Third, able to articulate and plan for a long-term vision, measured by objectives focused on receiving advise from local leaders, gaining new skills in agriculture and financial literacy, and learning about various career and educational options. Last, increase self-worth and confidence by practicing self-expression and creative thinking, measured by objectives related to physical expression, creative writing and reading, and individual journaling. Local and national counterparts are utilized in the planning and facilitation of each camp activity and have been enthusiastic in seeing this project to reality by contributing various required presentation and activity materials, as well as finding discounted rental opportunities (i.e. venue space).
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