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This project is led by Jason Haworth, a Volunteer from Indiana

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This project will take the form of a fair in which many agricultural technologies will be displayed and sold. The fair will invite laypeople and experts to share experiences and ideas as they move freely in a marketplace environment. The display technologies will range from things that may be crafted at home, to animal powered hoes and carts, to machines affordable to entrepreneurs and agricultural groups. All technologies will aim to be affordable, improve production or revenue, and be accepted in the community. This fair will culminate with a public forum of agriculture experts. There are global forces which cannot be changed at a community level, that are affecting development in this small community of Bohou. But let’s not forget the tremendous potential that lies dormant among the people and resources already here. Activating these resources and communicating ideas, is a task that local leaders and development workers alike approach with focused intensity and creativity. This Agriculture Tech Fair aims to connect change maker, people and groups who are willing to adapt new technologies, with resources already possible and present in the community, but not yet fulfilled. It must be noted that this fair will not be purchasing items for the community as charitable gifts. It will focus on bringing local farmers and entrepreneurs together with proven technologies and new visions for the future of this farming community.
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