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This project is led by Joclyn Crivello, a Volunteer from Massachusetts

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Advancing Girls in Technology is a project that is focused on the skill development of girls in the fifth to ninth grade. These skills include leadership, computer skills, and public speaking (both in Romanian and English). Our goal is to improve our already established Girls Group. We want to increase girls involvement and the topics of study during this group. Through increased participation and technological advancement, our goal is to improve girls’ in class participation and continue their leadership into the community. This project will modernize the English and Personal Development classroom. The English teachers of the school will be trained on how to use the new technology in order to continue the work with the girls that will begin this year. PowerPoints, videos, and other online resources will be utilized within the classroom and in the Girls’ Group. Through the girls’ training they will gain leadership skills to pass on and continue to train future students as they pass through the grades.

The school community—teachers and students—are the driving force behind this project. Together, the English teachers, Director, and the Girls Group, have worked to assess what can be done to improve activities and involvement inside and outside the school. After group discussions with girls in the grades 5 to 9, it was decided that improved technology is what will help the girls grow further. It gives them easier access to better resources and to present their creativity within the classroom. Through increased technology their skill development will continue to improve especially in the areas of public speaking, leadership, and English language usage.

Once the technology is introduced, the teachers and students will be trained on how to use the technology, and the newly implemented consistent use in the classroom will allow for the sustainability of the project. There will be consistent updates and growth by the teachers’ use of the technology. Training the girls on how to be leaders will allow them to continue the growth and sustainability of the Girls Group. The girls are motivated and interested in continuing to meet which will allow them to be the leaders of the group and account for its future success.

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