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This project is led by Mary Diaz-Przybyl, a Volunteer from Maine

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The Adult Education Centre Extension project is a focused, well defined effort to build and fit up a second classroom to offer more classes and reach more adult learners in the local community. The funds will be used first to buy the zinc walls, roofing, and supplies to construct the zinc classroom and labor to build the classroom, and then to fit-up and prepare the classroom: tables, chairs, white board, projector and lights. And finally, procure a laminator for creating reusable handouts and learning aides, and three laptops for students to share during computer classes. The Centre opened in April 2019 with the goal of teaching English to adult learners in the community. The founder, rented, refurbished, and converted an unoccupied zinc into the first classroom. He proposed teaching 20 students English in his first year. However, based upon demand and the interests of the community, the centre currently offers English, Afrikaans, and Basic Computer. The centre has a total of 64 students, demonstrating that the need outweighs even the initial assumptions. Classes take place every Saturday, from 8 am -2pm. with the help of seven Volunteers who teach the language and computer classes without compensation. There are no other centres in the informal settlement. Learning English helps parents assist their children with their education bolstering the probability of academic success. The Afrikaans and computer skills classes will help marginally employed adults expand their employment opportunities.

The Adult Education Centre was started by a 5-7 grade English and Social Studies teacher at the local Primary School. The teacher, who also lives in the local community, recruited colleagues, friends and associates as teaching volunteers and to form an advisory board. This group canvassed the neighborhoods, registering adult learners and surveying additional educational needs and interests. With this community feedback Afrikaans and computer basic classes were added. The second classroom is needed to respond to the adult learners’ request for intermediate and advanced English and Afrikaans classes, more computer skills training as well as customer service training, entrepreneurship training, sign language, and knitting. Volunteer teachers and a volunteer advisory board form the foundation of the Adult Education Centre. The adult learners participate in official openings, graduation ceremonies, and fundraisers. Students pay small registration fees and small monthly class fees which pay for rent, electricity, and ongoing supplies. This model is highly sustainable.

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