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This project is led by Madeline Mcgrath, a Volunteer from New York

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Girls' sitting down during class.
Madeline works with her counterparts to promote Active Girls' Clubs.
With our project, we hope to motivated youth and to foster positive youth values that will help them to create respectful relationships, promote equity and be active citizenship while creating a program that is stimulating and interesting for youth.

We conducted multiple surveys with youth in our community and found that they want an area to socialize and to make personal develops but do not have the opportunities they need. 

We found that nearly all youth are interested in a Youth Cinema, with no movie theater in Balti nearly all youth survey said they would come to CRAT if we hosted movie nights. 93% of youth surveyed who do not currently come to CRAT, said they would come if we hosted movie nights. 

To host a Youth Cinema is an important need in our community because it provides an important place for socialization, and with the correct films an important education. But we want to also develop youths abilities to participate in discussions and form arguments and we found that 83.7% of youth would like opportunities to develop these skills. 

We continue to discuss with youth the important skills they need for their personal development and found that 100% of girls wanted public speaking and media opportunities. 

We also found that 100% of boy wanted public speaking opportunities and 87.5 wanted media opportunities.

Using these findings we know that youth are looking for opportunities to be involved in discussion groups, public speaking, and learning media skills. Our project Active Youth- Active Girls will create three clubs at our center Cinema Club, Tedx Club, and Youth Media Club, with a focus on these skills. 

We feel that gender equality is a global problem and it is a problem in our community. Through personal interaction, we have seen examples of youth describing harmful gender roles, or believing there is an inequality between men and women's strength. Through our surveys, we have seen an inequality in the skills currently held by male youth and female youth. 

We hope to have an impact on this through films and Tedx, so they will have a focus on gender equality. With powerful films and Tedx we will provide a powerful education of equality and empowerment, strengthening the impact of skills gained. Though films and Tedx will have similar topics they will be different in that the goal of Tedx is to teach public speaking skills and Youth Cinema is for discussion skills and forming arguments. 

This project will be diverse and cater to the individual needs and interests of youth, they will be able to build the skills they need to strengthen and which they believe are important to their development.

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