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This project is led by Carmen Moreno, a Volunteer from Texas

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The A2E scholarship program provides school funds to vulnerable girls in the community. The scholarship program ensures that girls continue in their education despite a lack of family financial resources and/or the low value in girls’ education. The program also gives a safe space for girls to develop important life skills in order to be successful at home, at school and in the community. The program in this specific community will consist of monthly meetings to discuss topics such as women empowerment, personal development, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, nutrition/maternal health and developing positive relationships. The objective of the project is to empower vulnerable girls in the community while also equipping them to assist and empower other girls and women in the community. The program also invites other women from the community to the monthly meetings to participate in order to empower as many women in the community.

The project seeks to include various members of the community in order to lead the girls to the valuable resources available in the community, including what options may be available in post-graduation and access to strong women in the community. The project also seeks to empower the girls as peer mentors by giving them leadership roles in the program. The girls will help to design and implement the lessons and activities throughout the year. Finally, the community counterpart is already an active member in the girls’ lives as an empowering teacher. This program can assist her with resources and training to make her an even more effective and sustainable resource for girls at school and in the community.

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