A Roof for My Lovely School

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This project is led by Wynne Kulman, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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This project seeks to construct a roof for our public school in Colombia. The project will help achieve the dreams of the educational community at the local school because the school currently does not have a roof over the central structure and thus the area suffers from extreme heat that hinders the students' abilities to focus on learning. The school also does not have enough recreational and meeting spaces for the students and staff - this project would provide such a space for them to carry out various educational and cultural activities. A roof would protect the space from rain during the wet season which often results in meetings being cancelled and other inconveniences. For our capacity building component of the project, we will be hosting a series of workshops to prepare the older students for ICFES, which is the Colombian national standardized test. The space provided by this roof will allow the school to host not only all of its 11th grade students (the highest grade in Colombian school system) but also be able to invite students from other schools in the community to participate in the event. This roof would directly benefit the current students and teachers , which would be over 2,600 people – 1,500 students, 1,000 family members, and 95 staff members, including directors, teachers, and other service providers. But this numerical estimate only considers the people who will immediately benefit from the completion of the project – this roof is something that will benefit the school for many years to come and positively affect thousands of students and teachers. With the completion of this project, members of the educational community would be able to carry out activities in this space such as classes, meetings, sports games, celebrations, and cultural ceremonies.

The project was designed and decided by the community due to the urgent need of the students and teachers for an comfortable space conducive to learning, a meeting space to carry out classes, cultural celebrations, and recreational activities, as well as an area to properly prepare their older students for standardized testing. The people who endorsed the implementation of a roof for the school were the directive committee of the school, the employees including teachers and service providers, and the parent association who want the best for their children. Additionally, the architectural firm that is designing the roof has agreed to provide steep discounts on their service and the materials they are using due to the beneficial nature of the project. During the construction period, several of the madres de familia have offered their culinary services in the form of snacks and lunches that will be provided to the construction workers.

The faculty at the school are very invested in the sustainability of this project in the long run. The principal of the school who is the project partner, will be responsible for the vigilance and upkeep of this roof. He will assign resources from the budget provided by the Colombian municipal government in order to maintain the roof in great shape. He is planning to create a rubric that is meant to set aside a part of the budget to dedicate to the preservation of this project, which will be inherited by the next principal (although he does not plan on retiring any time soon).

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