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The Peace Corps Partnership Program funds community-led projects around the world. Donate to a project, or give to the Global Fund and we'll send your money where it's needed most.
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  • Education
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  • Technology
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is a catalyst for developing future scientists and mathematicians. Currently, there are 57 students enrolled at the Junior High School in the Peace Corps Volunteer's community. Every student from form 1 to form 3 is required to learn Information and Communication Technology (ICT), science, …
  • Environment
  • Community Growth
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  • Agriculture
The residents of the local community struggle to provide nutritious food for their families, as well as other community members. They also face the costs of school uniforms, healthcare, electricity, transportation, and other expenses. The Beekeeping Association, a beekeeping group of 15 local farmers, was established to provide support for …