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The Peace Corps Partnership Program funds community-led projects around the world. Donate to a project, or give to the Global Fund and we'll send your money where it's needed most.
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  • Community Growth
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Imagine, you are a woman in a country where strict gender roles restrict what you are able to do. As this woman, you watch many of your classmates leave school as early as grade 7 to follow a relationship that is expected to produce your main purpose – a family. All ...
  • Let Girls Learn
  • Women & Gender
  • Youth
Camp GLOW/BILD (Girls Leading Our World/Boys in Leadership Development) aims to empower ni-Vanuatu youth through a mix of side-by-side and co-educational sessions that address the way gender impacts individual and community outcomes in Vanuatu and the rest of the world. Over the course of 6 days, the camp ...