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The Peace Corps Partnership Program funds community-led projects around the world. Donate to a project, or give to the Global Fund and we'll send your money where it's needed most.
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  • Education
  • Youth
Our project aims to improve English Education. We will be building murals on five different walls of the school with five different messages in English that promote female empowerment, strategies to prevent malaria, healthy living, detailed world map depicting where various resources come from and an alphabet promoting various words ...
  • Health
The overall objective of this proposed project is to address the lack of access to vital reproductive health and menstrual hygiene management education in two rural Rwandan secondary schools that have agreed to partner with their local PCVs to coordinate an action plan to address these issues. There are three ...
Role models inspire us, guide us, and help us reach our potential. While girls in Rwanda now attend school at rates almost equal to that of boys, there is still a significant disparity between the number of men and women in the workforce. To address this gender divide, young women ...
  • Community Growth
This project will encompass physical construction as well as instructional trainings. ES in this community will rehabilitate and expand their sports ground (for volleyball and basketball), and students at the school and from the surrounding community will participate in empowerment trainings using the intersection of gender equality and sports.