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The Peace Corps Partnership Program funds community-led projects around the world. Donate to a project, or give to the Global Fund and we'll send your money where it's needed most.
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  • Environment
  • Youth
Creating Leadership in the Mountains and Beyond (CLIMB) is an outdoor educational leadership program developed for youth in Morocco. During the summer, I discovered the project from another Peace Corps volunteer as he successfully implemented the program in his community. His program focused on environmental education and leadership. I was ...
  • Technology
Through diligent work, community support, and the generous contribution of Peace Corp's SPA grant, we have successfully completed our Library Project at the local school here in Essaouira, Morocco. With equal enthusiasm, I would like to further contribute to my site by supplying the school with more computers; a ...
  • Community Growth
  • Health
In the Mountains of the Azilal Province, the project is to build a fitness community around a new center. This project will continue the mission of the sports association. The center will give youth a space for healthy habits and to increase awareness about the importance of sports, nutrition, and ...
  • Women's Global Development & Prosperity
The Women's and Children’s Development Center project is the initiative of a local Community Development association. The founding principle of this project is that the development of women and girls is completely self-sustaining. Women are often the primary family planners, caretakers and are commonly tasked with the management ...
  • Youth
The GLOW/BRO Youth Summer Camp is a concentrated effort to provide children entering adolescence with the information, skills, and social support necessary for them to navigate challenging cultural expectations surrounding gender roles in Morocco. Our week-long, overnight camp will include 20 female and 20 male participants aged 12-14 from ...